Electronic Spare Parts

Industrial Spare parts ICs, Transistors, Diodes, Capacitors, Bridge rectifiers, thyristors, IGBTs, relays, power supply modules, contactors etc ( add all brand names like , Mitsubishi, Infineon, Toshiba,


Bench top blowers, overhead blowers, ionizing air guns, ionizing bars, air nozzles, room ionization system, clean ionization, oem ionizer fitments.

ESD packaging & storage

Bags, film, foam, corrugated sheets, grid tape, pcb racks, magazine racks, molded bins, horizontal storage trolleys and conductive boxes.

ESD consumables & personal grounding

Garments, wrist straps, footwear, caps, adhesive film, finger roots, gloves, shoe covers, sticky mats, sticky rollers, esd paper, anti‐static spray, paper holder, badge holder, fabric cleaner, waste bins.

ESD production aids

Conductive brushes, stainless steel tweezers, esd & non esd magnifiers.

ESD Instruments

Wrist wrap tester, surface resistance meter, static charge meter (DIGITAL), static sensor, workstation monitor, combo tester. Resistance meter, static volt‐meter, charged plate monitor, static field meter, nanocoulomb meter, body volt tester, workstation monitor with body volt tester, wrist wrap and foot‐wear tester with computer interface, esd audit kit, contact static measurement infinitron, high sensitive voltmeter, electrostatic monitor trek.