Estec Technical Solutions LLC provides complete solutions for support and repair maintenance of various types of electronic printed circuit boards and modules. Estec Repair Services team is dedicated to a single goal of providing the best possible service support to our customers. Our team of skilled Engineers have experience in repair maintenance of a various equipment ranging from those used in bio‐medical and analytical equipment, telecom and wide range of industrial, commercial, marine and defence electronic equipment. We undertake repairs of almost any type of printed circuit boards and power supply modules.

Estec believes in full customer satisfaction. It has trained & skilled manpower to provide excellent service support to our customers. Large inventories of spares that are maintained by us ensure timely and highly efficient service. The vision of Estec is to provide complete solutions to all the test and design needs of our clients that arise from time to time.

Our Capabilities Include:

• Electronic Module Repairs
• Component Level PCB repairs of Digital and Analog Boards
• Repairs of Power Supplies.
• Repairs done without schematics for the item under repair.
• Identifying alternate components for obsolete components used on PCBs.
• Efficient rework of surface mount (SMT) and throughhole (DIP) technologies.
• Import / Sourcing capability for of all types of components
• Fast Turnaround time
• Availability of commonly failing components in our Inventory.
• Highly Skilled Manpower

We assure you of the following benefits on using our Repair Services:-

• Little need to stock up boards in the inventory as most of the boards that go faulty can be repaired and recovered quickly.
• Usually replacement of boards is expensive. It is much more economical to repair a faulty board. It is found that almost 90% of all faults are due to component failure. If the faulty component can be identified, 9 out of 10 boards that go faulty can be repaired. It is much cheaper to repair a faulty module / PCB than to replace it!
• Obsolete boards can also be repaired, thereby avoiding expensive and unnecessary upgrades.

Data and Technology Integrity

Estec Gracon understands the importance and concerns of our Clients with regard to ensuring data and technology secrecy and integrity. Estec Gracon ensures this by relevant non disclosure agreements.